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Assistance and support in obtaining a German Austrian Polish Roman Portuguese passport

Want to work or study in Europe? Have you always dreamed of having a European passport? Now you can!

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Regulation of German, Austrian, Portuguese, Romanian and Polish citizenship

Polish passport

Regulation of Polish citizenship

The advantages of a European passport:

Business in Europe

The European passport makes it possible to open a business and purchase real estate in Europe in an easier way and sometimes even to receive tax benefits and financing on preferential terms.

Academic studies

As European citizens, you can study at higher education institutions in all EU countries without the need for special permission and at a very low cost. Students, including citizens, receive a variety of benefits that we do not know in Israel.

Visa for 164 countries

The European passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world and allows free entry to 164 different countries, including those closed to Israelis. The Romanian passport is slightly less powerful but still allows entry to a huge number of countries.

Entry to the USA without a visa

With a German or Portuguese passport you do not need a visa to enter the United States! In addition, you can get a work visa (Green Card) more easily.

Living and working in Europe

With European citizenship you can move freely within Europe and even stay and work in most countries of the continent for an unlimited time just like any other citizen of the European Union.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you and your descendants have an additional citizenship in a strong European country like Portugal, Romania and that you are part of the citizens of the European Union, creates peace and security regarding the possibilities you have in the future.

we are Passport Group!

We are a group of professionals, including lawyers, notaries, programmers, internet people and people who specialize in complex operations, who see the possibility of issuing a European passport as a golden opportunity that should not be missed.

There is almost no country in the world that gives citizenship under such lenient conditions, without having to know the language or even visit it.

After dealing with many requests, we studied the process in depth and professionalized it as much as possible, so that you can enjoy this rare opportunity without much effort.

Today, after we have already handled many requests, and a larger number of requests are in approval processes, we continue to offer the professional, reliable and best service available on the market.

Why choose us?

the service

We at Passport Group commit to the highest standards of service and it is important to us that every customer receives the best service package. For this to happen, each client has a personal case manager who takes care of his interests, from checking eligibility to handing over the passport, continuously updating throughout the process and providing the best personal service you could ask for.

Close legal supervision

A bureaucratic process is never easy, especially when you have to do it in front of the authorities of a foreign country. Passport Group's legal team consists of Israeli and Portuguese lawyers, who speak both languages and are familiar with Portuguese law and the procedure for obtaining citizenship in Portugal, so you can rest easy.

Convenient payment terms

The process of issuing a European passport involves a considerable financial outlay. We at Passport Group understand this and will try to make it as easy as possible for you with the help of a convenient division into payments as well as payment by stages, so that it also fits your pocket.

the experience

Nothing can replace experience, and we have plenty of it. Having submitted many passport applications and faced a wide range of challenges, we have seen almost everything and you can rest assured that your application is in safe hands.

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