The process of issuing a Romanian passport

How to begin?

The first step in the process is the restoration of the Romanian citizenship documents of a person born in Romania. The original documents are in various archives scattered all over Romania and our representatives will access the relevant archive and try to locate them. Once we locate the documents, we can submit a request to clarify the citizenship status at the Romanian Ministry of the Interior. Depending on the answer we receive, we will know which legal route it is possible to take back your Romanian citizenship and what are the steps that will be required later in the process.

What are the stages of issuing a passport?

Step 1

Initial eligibility check

Our professional team will collect from you the first details about the Romanian roots of your family – names, years of immigration to Israel, city of birth, etc. At the end of this stage, we will know with almost certainty whether you will receive citizenship at the end of the process or not.


Locating the documents in Romania

At this point, a representative was sent on our behalf to the relevant Romanian archive to locate a copy of the original Romanian documents of a native of Romania. This is an extremely important step, since if the documents are not located we will not be able to move forward to the next steps.


Checking the citizenship status

Our law firm in Romania will submit a request on your behalf to the Romanian Ministry of the Interior to find out the citizenship status of a person born in Romania. Depending on the answer received, we will know whether the citizenship on which the rest of the person immigrated to Israel must be renewed, or whether his citizenship is still valid and it is only necessary to re-register it.



After the end of the bureaucratic procedure, we will arrange a meeting for you at the Romanian consulate in Israel, where you will be required to give a short oath to the state of Romania before you receive your Romanian passport.

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